AuReiNand System Loader for the Nintendo 3DS

When you are using an R4 3DS card, chances are, you’ve already installed a custom firmware. Custom firmware is needed for the R4 3DS cards to work on your Nintendo 3DS. Now, a custom firmware uses the sysnand and the emunand modules. Basically, these two are system modules that are read before and during certain […]

Kid Icarus Uprising Game for the Nintendo 3DS

If you want to play a highly competitive and highly enjoyable game in your Nintendo 3DS, then I have a game just for you. Kid Icarus Uprising Game for the Nintendo 3DS is the sequel to the original NES game with the same title. Its predecessor is just a side-scrolling platform game with a little […]

Demon’s Crest Game for the SNES

If you’ve played Marvel vs Capcom games in the Arcade, you’ve probably come across the character named Firebrand. I was perplexed as to where Firebrand came from. You see, the Marvel vs Capcom game is a crossover between Marvel and Capcom’s greatest heroes and villains. Upon my research, I’ve found that Firebrand is the protagonist […]

The Best Life Diet

How many diet plans have you tried? Does, at least, one of them work for you? Why are you resorting to food when stress comes your way? The answer to these questions is very much the mantra of a specific diet. The diet I am referring to is the Best Life diet. Created by an […]

Street Fighter 5

Street Figther is one of the most played fighting games of all time. Now on its 5th iteration, Street Fighter 5 brings new fighters to the table as well as new game modes and mechanics. One of the new mechanics is the new gauge called the “V-Gauge”. You can fill up the V-Gauge when the […]

Recommendations On Purchasing Nintendo Console

Plenty of distinct video games consoles happen to be supplied by means of the maker generally known as Nintendo. The huge presence of Nintendo gaming systems causes it to become tough to pick the best unit that will suit your needs. There are many designs you can easily choose from. 2DS along with, not surprisingly, […]

African Mango Dieting

The African mango supplement is the latest wonder in the weight loss world. After Dr. Oz’s episode introducing the miraculous effects of the supplement on a person’s body weight, everyone has started buzzing about it. The most salient feature of the supplement is its ability to suppress one’s appetite.  As opposed to other fat-burning products […]

How raspberry ketones are changing the weight loss world

If you’re trying to lose weight you may find it’s a losing battle, as controlling your portions and exercising enough to make a real difference can be challenging.  This is why many are turning to supplements to help them fight this battle, and raspberry ketone supplements are one of the hottest weight loss aids on […]

R4i Gold

Comparisons of Gateway 3DS and R4i Gold Deluxe 3DS Flashcarts Purchasing either Gateway 3DS or R4i Gold Deluxe 3DS Flashcarts won’t come as an easy decision that which Flashcart to buy. But given the comparison among these Flashcarts helps the potential buyer understand that which one to opt for .In addition to these Flashcarts, there […]