Demon’s Crest Game for the SNES

If you’ve played Marvel vs Capcom games in the Arcade, you’ve probably come across the character named Firebrand.

I was perplexed as to where Firebrand came from. You see, the Marvel vs Capcom game is a crossover between Marvel and Capcom’s greatest heroes and villains. Upon my research, I’ve found that Firebrand is the protagonist of one of the classic Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) games.

The game I am referring to is the Demon’s Crest Game for the SNES. This game is a side-scrolling action game with some RPG elements baked into it.

The plot of the game is about Firebrand and his quest of collecting “Crests”. There are six crests and each of them has an element (Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Time, and Heaven). Should anyone collect all six of these crests, the wielder will be granted immense powers. The power that the wielder is given will be more than enough to conquer all of the realms.

At the start of the game, Firebrand has already gathered 5 crests and he was on his way to get the last one, the Heaven Crest. Firebrand challenged the Demon Dragon who was protecting the crest and he ultimately defeated it.

Although Firebrand was able to defeat the Demon Dragon, he was badly weakened after the combat. Seeing this as an opportunity, a rival demon that goes by the name “Phalanx” attacked Firebrand and took all of the crests away from him, except for one, the fire crest.

The fire crest was shattered into five pieces because there was a slight struggle between the two demons (though, the fire crest was then merged into one through the course of the story).

Phalanx was quick to use the crests’ power and he then ruled the demon realm. He also imprisoned Firebrand in a demonic amphitheater. Inside the amphitheater, Firebrand was pitted against a zombified demon dragon.

After defeating the demon dragon and escaping the amphitheater, Firebrand sets forth on a quest to get all of the crests back. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be an easy task as Phalanx’s greatest general, Arma, is constantly picking on Firebrand.

Each and every time Firebrand defeats Arma, Arma gives one of the crests to the main character out of respect. After getting all of the crests, Firebrand dueled against Phalanx once again, and this time, Firebrand defeats Phalanx for good.

The game has three endings that will ultimately be decided by the player’s actions. If you get the best ending, you will be given a password wherein you can then use Firebrand’s new transformation and it also unlocks a new boss as well.

As for the gameplay, it is pretty much the same as any side-scrolling action game. Just think of the game Castlevania as it has very similar gameplay mechanics.

Demon’s Crest Game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System is actually one of the top 100 games for the SNES platform. In fact, it garnered a whopping score of 86.70% in the gamerankings official website.

So, if you’ve got time to play some classic games, be sure to have Demon’s Crest in your SNES game library.