Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Runes Can Come in Handy

One of the most highly anticipated games in 2017 is no doubt the new Legend of Zelda game. Back in the E3 2016 event a couple of months back, Nintendo showcased the new Zelda game and it was absolutely amazing.

Not only were the graphics of the game look visually appealing but the game also promises new mechanics as well.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be the first ever Legend of Zelda game to incorporate both magic and technology at the same time.

This is actually a welcome change since the game, through its many iterations, stayed the same. It is nice to see the developers of the game veer away from the usual game elements and focus more on what’s new.

Anyway, a lot of people still do not know how magic will help Link, the main character of the game. That is because Nintendo hasn’t revealed any details about the magic in the game.

Thankfully, Nintendo tweeted a video giving us a glimpse of the power of Runes. Apparently, the Runes that are present in the game will give Link his magical powers.

The video showcased some of the Runes that you can acquire and use in-game. In the first part of the video, you can see Link conjuring some ice blocks on a lake. These ice blocks can help Link traverse to different geographical paths that you wouldn’t be able to walk to normally without using any Runic powers.

In another part of the video, Link can use his magic to imbue certain objects with an element. For example, he imbued an oil barrel with fire and he threw it to his enemies. On impact, the barrel exploded and the enemies were defeated.

This is actually a pretty interesting game mechanic and it is fitting in a Legend of Zelda game. Although it is still unclear what the main plot of the game is, a lot of fans cannot wait to get their hands on the new Legend of Zelda game because of the recent video release.

Aside from runes, the game also presents players in a vast open world which they can explore. In the E3 2016 event, there was a demo booth for the game and although it was just a demo or a glimpse of the game, a lot of fans instantly noticed how vast the demo was.

The good thing here is that some of the developers that were present on the booth said that “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet”. This could indicate that the main world is much bigger than one would think.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an interesting addition the franchise. It would be interesting to see how the game pans out when it is released alongside the Nintendo NX.

Speaking of Nintendo NX, there will be a huge gaming event this September but the question still remains: will Nintendo finally unveil their Nintendo NX game console? We will just have to wait and see.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be released in March 2017 alongside the Nintendo NX game console.