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Comparisons of Gateway 3DS and R4i Gold Deluxe 3DS Flashcarts

Purchasing either Gateway 3DS or R4i Gold Deluxe 3DS Flashcarts won’t come as an easy decision that which Flashcart to buy. But given the comparison among these Flashcarts helps the potential buyer understand that which one to opt for .In addition to these Flashcarts, there are still many Flashcarts which include 3DS link, Orange 3DS, and MT-Card. Only Gateway 3DS and R4i 3DS Gold Deluxe are explained herein.

These r4 3DS Flashcarts emerged after Gateway 3DS. They are now strong competitors of Gateway 3DS on the market with more features and affordable prices. One can regard them as clones of Gateway 3DS. However, their advanced features separate them from the former. Most features are similar to those of Gateway Flashcarts.

R4 3DS Flashcarts use wood firmware by Yellow Wood Goblin. r4i-goldThe new version of these Flashcarts is v.3.0. EmuNAND has been released for these Flashcarts to give full support 3DS consoles.

Features of r4i 3DS Gold Deluxe Flashcarts

  • Back up the saved files

  • Less expensive compared to Gateway 3DS

  • Ease of use

  • Wood firmware

  • Can play more new 3DS games

  • Not restricted to any location

  • Many more

Gateway 3DS Flashcarts

These are the first 3DS Flashcarts that were predominantly used prior to the release of r4i 3DS Gold Deluxe. They are still revered by many customers because of their features and also updates. They are considered to be reliable.

The latest firmware of Gateway 3DS is v.2.0. EmuNAND has also been released for these Flashcarts. The firmware is compatible with many 3DS games. The Flashcarts come with many features. Some of the features are:

  • Multi-ROM

  • Latest emuNAND support

  • Cartridge back up

  • Online support

  • FAT32 drop and drag systems

  • Ease of use

  • Not restricted to any region

  • Top-notch plastic Cartridge

  • Compatible with many games

  • Backup saved files

  • And many more.

The downside of Gateway 3DS may be the fact that it is highly priced where r4 3DS Flashcarts are low priced. One could attribute this price difference to a fierce competition in the Flashcarts since Gateway 3DS are the first ones. Now r4i Gold Deluxe Flashcarts are made popular because of modifications of features of gateway 3DS as well as the low prices.

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Despite their differences, these 3DS Flashcarts are superb with features that boost game compatibility. They make it possible to play 3DS games. As firmware is updated in all these Flashcarts, most of the latest games are supported.

This comparison should be effective in deciding which one to opt for. Even though r4 3DS Flashcarts were released after Gateway 3DS, they have proven to have more features. Some are just modifications from the Gateway Flashcarts while some are identical features.